Invitation for Russian Visa

In accordance with Russian law for getting Russian tourist or business visa you must have an invitation letter.

Tourist invitation consists of two parts - the tourist confirmation letter (“подтверждение о приеме иностранного туриста” - in Russian) and the travel (tourist) voucher - in this documents there is necessary information which needs to apply the application for Russian tourist visa (name of travel organization, its address, reference and confirmation.

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Some cases when invitation by RUSTRAVEL is just what you needed


You already have a hotel reservation and you need to get a visa to Russia.


You are going to visit your friend in Russia and plan to stay in his apartments.


You are going to visit Russia, but first you want to get a visa and then plan your trip.


You have booked an apartment on Airbnb and you need to get a visa to Russia.


Your cruise ship enters the port in Russia (Saint Petersburg or Vladivostok for example), and you want to walk freely around the city.